About Incisor Teeth – What are they?

Teeth are so important that without them, it’s like you have an incomplete mouth. You’ve known the importance of these body parts since you were a baby. And in case you want to be enlightened more, teeth are essential when eating. They serve as your grinders so you can digest your food easily. Without them, you will have to swallow your food in its original form. Just imagine how hard it is to consume a slice of apple. Teeth make you look better too. It’s an asset that can never be taken away from you, especially if you have a good set of it.

A human’s teeth are composed of different parts, and based on its anatomy, a human has molars, premolars, canine, and incisors. Molars are the teeth near the rear of the mouth and are used for grinding hard food. In total, a human can have eight molars. Premolars are the teeth beside molars and canines. The total number of premolars you can have is 8. Canines, on the other hand, are the pointed teeth in the middle of incisors and premolars. A total of 4 canines can grow in someone’s mouth. Finally, there are incisors, which will be tackled more in the latter part of this article.

What are incisors teeth?

Incisors are the front teeth that grow beside canines. It is present in all humans and can be easily recognized in babies when they start developing teeth.

When do incisors teeth appear in babies?

The first teeth of babies usually appear through their gums when they reach six months old. The primary two teeth that can grow are two central incisors at the bottom. These are the two bottom teeth in front of their mouth. Then, another set of 4 teeth can emerge. Other teeth will gradually grow, and they come in pairs. You will see the babies having teeth one by one at their lower or upper jaws. The growing will complete once the baby develops ten teeth in the upper jaw and ten teeth in the lower jaw. This complete set will appear when they reach 2 to 3 years.

When it comes to incisors, the central incisor usually comes out after 6 to 10 months in the lower jaw and 8 to 12 months in the upper jaw. The lateral incisor will then appear after 10 to 16 months in the lower part of the mouth and 9 to 13 months. Other teeth will follow until they complete 20 teeth for upper and lower jaws.

Where are incisors located?

Incisors, in general, are located beside canines in both lower and upper jaws. Technically, there are four types of incisors: maxillary central incisor, maxillary lateral incisor, a mandibular central incisor, and a mandibular lateral incisor. The maxillary central incisor is located in the upper jaw and closest to the center of the human’s lips. The maxillary lateral incisor is situated in the upper jaw just beside the central incisor. The mandibular central incisor is in the lower jaw, and just like the maxillary, it is closest to the lip of the human. The mandibular lateral incisor is located in the lower jaw as well and by the side of the central incisor.

How many incisors does a human have?

All in all, humans grow a total of 8 incisors–4 in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw. Just like other teeth, they come in pairs. A human can have 2 of maxillary central incisors, maxillary lateral incisors, mandibular central incisors, and mandibular lateral incisors. Even babies have the same number of incisors, whether they are permanent or not. Depending on the stage of teeth development, all incisors will ultimately show as the baby grows up.

What’s the function of incisors?

In humans, incisors are used to cut off some pieces of food. It can also grip other food that comes into the mouth. Unlike molars, incisors teeth are not used to grind food thoroughly, but they can aid in the grinding.

Teeth build self-confidence, that’s why when we have bad front teeth we tend to be more insecure. For any frontal teeth defects, we could cover them with veneers. It gives you a complete look, apart from its primary function, to help you grind the food you eat. Whether you want to get the proper care for your incisors or you want to know when your baby will get these teeth, the information above serves as your guide.

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