About Incisor Teeth – What are they?

Teeth are so important that without them, it’s like you have an incomplete mouth. You’ve known the importance of these body parts since you were a baby. And in case you want to be enlightened more, teeth are essential when eating. They serve as your grinders so you can digest your food easily. Without them, … Read more

Canines Teeth – What are they?

What your teeth can do is incredible if you are aware of it. It’s evident that help you grind food for easier and faster digestion. They assist you in converting the food you eat into something your stomach can melt and tolerate. The first thing that comes in contact with your food is your mouth … Read more

What are premolar teeth?

Teeth are essential by all means. They are instrumental, especially in grinding the food you take every day. You may not notice it, but your teeth are the best asset you have. Your smile won’t be complete without a good set of teeth. This is probably one reason why there are people who invest and … Read more